Clark Addis

a portfolio:


the septem:

in which i invent and use a base seven clock for two weeks

internal combustion:

in which i replaced the pistons in an engine with sparkplugs

dicks. also other things:

in which i made some dicks. also other things. here's a press release


in which people were allowed to title my narrative with sticky notes

laser tetris:

in which i used a laser to make tetris. people played it on the wall

Cuando Papi Flew... :

in which i co-create with artist Nestor Gil using sparkplugs, inner tube and butterflies


in which i reimagine street signs

portable internet:

in which i made an internet that you can cut, paste, and assemble

the bread commandments:

in which i laser cut into bread the instructions on how to make it

an older portfolio:

in which my more traditional pieces are highlighted


now in billions of emoji:

with Thomas Williams, I post an emoji daily to instagram for a year; :) to :(.

now in billions of colors:

with Thomas Williams, I post one color a day to instagram for three years.

clark time:

in which i am a clock. here's a video.

draw their professor:

in which i graffiti draw your prof with a request to create a page for my professor.


in which a recurrent neural network imitates bill wurtz.


  1. Addis, Koh, & Gordon, Preparation and characterization of a bio-based polymeric wood adhesive derived from linseed oil 2020

some places:

here's everywhere i am on the internet.

some info:

hello. i am clark. i like art and engineering. i like especially when a project uses both. i am currently getting a PhD at Purdue in the Programmable Structures Lab. i am interested in making materials that let us do new things, and making art lets us think about new things.